Torches in comics


Curiosamente los ilustradores hacen referencia a su uso como instrumento de tortura.





The original X-Men, confounded by their deadliest foe yet... a pudgy, hairy guy with a BLOWTORCH!


Created By:
Peter Gillis & Don Perlin
First Appearance: The Defenders #135 (Sept. 1984)









We enjoy warm showers... while Superman enjoys the white-hot cleansing power of his super blowtorch, located just inside the Fortress door.



















Desperate Dan's beard is so tough he has to shave using a blowtorch.

... su barba es tan recia que se afeita con un soplete.

The inspector gadget also has a blowtorch  (gadgetolampe) ...and the Pink panther is also lamperóphila.










careful with that torch, Bart !











Metamorpho, this figure also comes with interchangeable hands (a hand, a fist, a hammer and a blow torch). 










Tweetie !!!   (1947)










Dr. Bunny's blowtorch.





Mortadelo y Filemón conocen muy bien los sopletes, en ésta aventura Filemón acaba bien chamuscado.